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Date: September 21st, 2019.

The Seven Body Types according to Tibetan Medicine

The Seven Body Types according to Tibetan Medicine
Public Talk with Menpa Phuntsog Wangmo (Ping Cuowangmu)

Date: Saturday, September 21, 2019
Time: 5:00pm-6:30pm (ET)
Location: In-person at Tsegyalgar East Gönpa, 18 Schoolhouse Rd., Conway, MA or via Zoom videoconference

Tibetan Medicine has been practiced for over one thousand years. This traditional medical system is still practiced to this day, primarily in Tibet and India.

Tibetan Medicine theory starts with the five elements: earth, water, fire, air, and space. In our human bodies, the five elements combine to form the three nyepa, or “elemental humors." The five elements form the entire universe.

Please join us at Tsegyalgar East to listen to Menpa Phuntsog Wangmo (Ping Cuowangmu), Director of the Tibetan School of Medicine, talk about this important topic.

For more information visit: http://www.tibetanmedicineschool.org/

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The following resource is available at the Shang Shung USA Bookstore:

Birth, Life and Death
by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu (Author), Elio Guarisco (translated from Tibetan)