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2020 International Dzogchen Community Membership

There are some good practical reasons for everyone to renew in good time, by the end of January 2020 - and the latest by March 2020 (end of first quarter).

For those in financial difficulties we also offer a gradual payment option.


2020 Membership Tiers:

  • Ordinary Member: $260/$21 monthly
  • Global Sustaining Member: $575/$47.92 monthly
  • Global Meritorious Member: $1,725/$143.75 monthly

Pay your Membership Online: https://dzogchen.net

Current year paid Membership gives you the BENEFITS RESERVED (ONLY) for MEMBERS: 

  • Usage of Khandroling Retreat Cabins, access to our Dzamling Gar House Accommodation in Tenerife or stay at the Schoolhouse Dorms.
  • A Current Year Dzogchen Community Membership also gives you access to Mirror News downloads, Free Access to Restricted Webcasts & Replays of the same.
  • Only Active Members are allowed to take SMS Exams, join the Dzogchen Community Gakyil or apply to DC Administrative positions.

About first time Members "Welcome Card / Pass"
Welcome Card Mirror Article: Read More

-----------------  HOW TO REGISTER  ----------------

Go to Membership at https://dzogchen.net - to register you need to first sign In (Register), (confirm email), create profile then select Gar/Ling, select tiers, and make Paypal payment.

DOWNLOAD: How to Register

For any Membership question or assistance please email: yellowgakyil@tsegyalgar.org
and or secretary@tsegyalgar.org