2021 International Dzogchen Community Membership

Tsegyalgar East's 2021 membership gives you benefits reserved for members only:

  • Usage of Khandroling retreat cabins, access to our Dzamling Gar House Accommodation in Tenerife or stay at the schoolhouse dorm. Tsegyalgar East accommodations currently unavailable due to COVID-19.
  • Free access to Mirror downloads, free access to restricted webcasts & replays of the same.
  • Eligible to attend transmission based programs.
  • Only active members are allowed to take SMS Exams, join the Dzogchen Community Gakyil or apply to DC administrative positions.

Membership fees are a way to share in the financial responsibility for the operation and activities of Tsegyalgar East, which sustain Rinpoche’s precious teachings through programs, teachers, and a vital sense of community.

The 2021 membership levels are:

  • Ordinary: $260 / $21 monthly
  • Global Sustaining: $575 / $47.92 monthly
  • Global Meritorious: $1,725 / $143.75 monthly

To renew or register as a member in 2021, go to: https://dzogchen.net

The monthly installment payments for 2021, in dzogchen.net are being activated on the first day of 2021- starting on January 1st 2021, you'll be able to renew your membership, in installments

We are running a very tight ship, so cash flow is extremely important! That is why we are asking you to pay your membership fees as early in the year as you can. We are also asking you to please pay the full amount if you can. If that is not possible, for special case memberships and for those in extreme financial hardship, please contact: yellowgakyil@tsegyalgar.org

-----------------  HOW TO REGISTER  ----------------

Go to Membership at https://dzogchen.net - to register you need to first sign In (Register), (confirm email), create profile then select Gar/Ling, select tiers, and make Paypal payment.

DOWNLOAD: How to Register

For any Membership question or assistance please email: yellowgakyil@tsegyalgar.org