Khandroling: The Land of the Dakinis, Buckland MA

The sacred land of Khandroling - The Land of the Dakinis, is located in Buckland, Massachusetts, and was purchased by the Dzogchen Community in 1989. Through the clarity of his dreams, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu received many teachings there, including the Dance of the Vajra. According to Rinpoche, in six days of practice on this powerful land it is possible to realize what would take six months elsewhere.

The development of Khandroling is ongoing, and comprises 220 acres of hills, streams, a pond, meadows, fields and forest and the world’s first Universal Mandala for Vajra Dance. Khandroling also offers members several personal retreat cabins, a stupa, a kitchen and a bathhouse. There is also a small farmhouse on lower Khandroling  for IDC community use. For directions to Khandroling, retreat cabin fees, and other practical information, please visit our accommodations and contact pages.

Retreat cabins are available for personal retreat on upper Khandroling from Spring through late fall weather permitting. Cabins include: Rinpoche’s Cabin, Mandarava Cabin, Thodgal Cabin, and Guardian Cabin. Khandroling facilities include: potable water; bathhouse with two showers and flush toilets; kitchen with gas powered refrigeration and cooking stove; portable potties and outdoor showers. In addition, there is a Dark Retreat Cabin not far from Khandroling. The Dark Retreat cabin has four rooms for dark retreat, and one room downstairs for "light" personal retreat. The Dark Retreat cabin is available year-round. With prior arrangement, food can be delivered daily for a minimal fee.

Please visit our Accommodations page for more information on the retreat cabins and camping on the land.

View YouTube Video: Choegyal Namkhai Norbu at Khandroling, Buckland, MA. The International Dzogchen Community, Tsegyalgar East. Video Edited by Soledad Suarez.

Aerial View from Fall 2021, newly refinished Stupa and resurfaced Universal Mandala. 

The Land of Khandroling


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