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Vajra Dance Teaching by Carísa O'Kelly

What: Vajra Dance Weekend Teaching

When : Saturday, October 19, 4P - 8P

Sunday, October 20, 2P - 6P

Where: Glendale, CA - Karavan Studio

1626 S Central Ave, Glendale, CA 91204

CLICK HERE for more info : Carísa O'Kelly Vajra Dance Weekend


The movements of the Vajra Dance are coordinated by the sound of sacred syllables (mantras). It is performed on a mandala that represents the correspondence between the internal dimension of each individual and the external dimension in which we live. The precision of the movements, together with the energy of sound and melody, bring the mind into a contemplative state.  In this way we harmonize the three main aspects of our existence (body, energy, and mind), and find calmness and deep relaxation.

Video Click here to see Vajra Dance

The Dance of the Vajra is part of the Dzogchen Teachings introduced by the world renowned Dzogchen master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.  “The Dzogchen Teaching is not a philosophy, or a religious doctrine, or a cultural tradition. Understanding the message of the Teachings means discovering one’s own true condition, stripped of all the self-deceptions and falsifications that the mind creates.”

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