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Date: May 2nd, 2019.

Amherst Arts Night Out: Yantra Yoga and Vajra Dance demos

Amherst Arts Night Out
Yantra Yoga - Tibetan Yoga of the 8 Movements
& Vajra Dance - Meditation in Movement

Date: Thursday, May 2, 2019
Time: 5:00pm-6:30pm 
Location: Jones Library, Woodbury Room, 43 Amity Street, Amherst, MA 01002

Led by: Authorized Yantra Yoga Instructor Paula Barry and Authorized Vajra Dance Instructor Bodhi

Yantra Yoga - Tibetan Yoga of the 8 Movement Demo
Participation welcome

Yantra Yoga, one of the oldest systems of yoga in the world can purify, coordinate, and strengthen all aspects of our energy. With these eight fundamental movements we harmonize and strengthen our energy through simple and effective methods. We experience this on a physical level as we perform the movements, and on a more subtle level as we coordinate these movements with our breath.

Visit Yantra Yoga for more information.

Meditation in Movement: Dance of the Vajra that Benefits Beings

The Dance of the Vajra is part of the Dzogchen Teachings transmitted by the world-renowned Dzogchen master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu. The Vajra Dance is a meditation in movement. The simple, slow and fluid movements relax the body, clear the mind, and relieve the tensions of our daily life. Through dancing we activate and coordinate specific energy points in our body according to an ancient knowledge of channels and chakras. In this way the Vajra Dance dissolves energy blocks, harmonizes the three main aspects of our being – body, energy and mind – and develops presence and awareness.

In the Dzogchen teaching the Vajra is a symbol of our essential nature, which is pure, clear and immutable like a diamond. Practicing the Dance of the Vajra one can discover this real nature by being in the state of contemplation; and one can learn to maintain and stabilize this knowledge not only in sitting meditation but also being in movement. In this way it can become part of our daily life. The Dance of the Vajra that Benefits Beings is a symbolic dance of compassion. It frees the tensions related to our conditioning by different emotions. 

For more information contact: bluegakyil@tsegyalgar.org