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Master Calendar

For Tsegyalgar East weekly practices: Weekly Practice Calendar

Workshops and Events
4/27-4/28Yantra Yoga On A Chair with Global Yantra Yoga Instructor Fabio Andrico
In person and via videoconference - Public Program
4/28Tsegyalgar East General Assembly Meeting
at Tsegyalgar East Gonpa and via videoconference
4/29Dakini Day Ganapuja
at Tsegyalgar East and via webcast
5/2Amherst Arts Night Out: Yantra Yoga and Vajra Dance demos
5/9Chod Collective Practice
at Tsegyalgar East Gönpa and via videoconference
5/10Monthly Movie Night Educational Series
Presents Lost Horizon
5/11The Dance of the Song of the Vajra - Spring Practice Days
Led by Authorized Vajra Dance Instructor Bodhi
5/18-5/19Vajra Dance that Benefits Beings
with Authorized Vajra Dance Instructor Ed Hayes
6/8Lynn Newdome
6/14Monthly Movie Night Educational Series
Presents: Buddhists Short Films (TBA)
7/12-7/14Yantra Yoga Course
With Authorized Yantra Yoga Instructors Nataly Nitsche And Max Leshchenko
7/20-7/28The Tsegyalgar East 4th Annual Summer Sangha Retreat
Reserve today, or simply show your support.
7/29-7/31Advanced Yantra Yoga Course
With Authorized Third Level Yantra Yoga Instructor Max Leshchenko
8/1-8/25Tsegyalgar East 2nd Annual Dance, Dance, Dance at Khandroling
Celebrating 30 Years of Vajra Dance. Led by International Vajra Dance Teacher Prima Mai and Authorized Vajra Dance Instructors
9/14-9/15Lynn Newdome
10/12-10/14Mariano Gil