Getting around the hilltowns

The main roads of our hilltowns form a circle around Khandroling, where our beautiful new Vajra hall is on the summit of a mountain in the forest. The towns of Conway, Ashfield, and Shelburne Falls are each about 10 miles from the other: from Conway you can drive west to Ashfield on Rt 116, then north to Shelburne Falls on Rt 112, and then south to Conway again on the Conway/Shelburne Falls Road.

THESE HILLTOWNS ARE NOT CONNECTED BY PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION. If you are lodging in the hilltowns you will certainly need access to a car (unless you are walking distance to Tsegyalgar). As usual, the optimal arrangement will be for small groups of travelers to lodge in one place and rent a car together or share rides.

See Accommodations near Tsegyalgar. With a car, you can drive to Shelburne Falls for lunch, and find excellent restaurants and college town ambience in the evenings in Northampton (20 miles) or Amherst (20 miles).