Date: June 4th, 2023.

Full Moon Ganapuja

Full Moon Ganapuja

Hosted by Tsegyalgar East and Kundrolling
Open to members of the International Dzogchen Community (IDC)
All times are ET NYC Time (Eastern Time - New York City Time)
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5:30pm In-Person at the Tsegyalgar East, Schoolhouse Gonpa and via Zoom
Join via the Tsegyalgar East Collective Practice Zoom link:

Enter meeting ID and passcode provided. 

Full Moon Ganapuja - Parinirvana of Buddha
6:30pm in-person / and 7:00pm on Zoom ET - NYC Time
Join via IDC Kundrolling's recurring Ganapuja and Vajradance Link:
Enter meeting ID and passcode provided. 

In-person: Please set up at 6:30; We will start the Zoom Ganapuja between 7:00pm and 7:05pm
Join us in person at the
Gurdjieff-Bennett Center
1123 Broadway** 
Suite 1109
New York, NY 10010

**The address is 1123 Broadway, just North of 25th Street. On the weekends, enter through 1133 Broadway.

  • There is ample street parking on weekends and after 6PM / 7 PM on
    weekdays; there are many parking garages in the area.
  • Weekdays:
    When you enter the building at 1123 there is a security person at the desk. Be polite. Tell them you are going to suite 1109. (You may or may not be asked to sign in.) Take any elevator to the 11th floor, go through the hallway doors, and turn right to Suite 1109.
  • Weekends and evenings:
    Enter the building at 1133 Broadway (to the right of 1123) and take the elevator to the second floor. Take a right out of the 1133 elevator, walk down the hall. There will be a sign that says 1123 Broadway. You will be able to see the elevators of 1123. There's just the 1 hallway so it's not confusing. We are on the 11th floor, 1109.
  • There are Men’s and Women’s Restrooms further down the hall.

Did you know?

There are multiple ways to find Zoom links; weekly e-mail digest sent to IDC members and by logging in as "member" on our secure page on website anytime!  Also listed on the Sangha App.  We cannot list them directly on website for security purposes. For more information contact:

The following resources are available at the Shang Shung USA Bookstore:*

*Reserved items are materials intended for members of the International Dzogchen Community. For more information>> 

**Please allow 1-5 days to receive your download link -- we generate these manually, and thus need to be in the office to send them to you. We'll get them to you as soon as possible!