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Date: February 4th, 2020, including 02/05/20.

Time: 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Lungta Production

Lungta Production

Dear All,

We are nearing the end of the year of Earth Boar and beginning to prepare for Tibetan New Year, Losar, the year of the Metal Mouse. 

Please join us for Lungta (Prayer Flag) production at Tsegyalgar East, Khandroling Paper Coop craft room. 

This week's schedule is:

  • Tuesday, 2/04/20, 11:00am-5:00pm
  • Wednesday, 2/05/20, 11:00am-5:00pm

We will continue production through this month and next. We welcome your help and participation.

Email: bluegakyil@tsegyalgar.org with your questions.

Warm regards,

Tsegyalgar East Gakyil