Dear Vajra Family,

Happy Memorial Day weekend! We hope that you are all well and staying safe.

Living with the pandemic these past months has been very challenging for all, and we are working hard to create short and long term plans to reopen our Gar safely in this time of great uncertainty.

In order to make informed decisions, we have consulted the most recent state guidelines, and will continue to do so as they are published; compared notes with other Gars; and observed the extensive physical summer closures of organizations and cancellations of indoor/outdoor events around the country.

The Gakyil is dedicated to resuming in person group practices, but will not do so at this time, seeing it as premature. Therefore, Tsegyalgar East has cancelled all in-person scheduled summer events and will continue to bring you as many online practices, courses and retreats as possible for the foreseeable future.

Members can make quiet visits to Khandroling this summer, but gatherings larger than 10 people are to be avoided at this time. Also, all safety measures should be observed. When visiting Khandroling, have a face mask and hand sanitizer at your disposal, and make sure to wear your face mask and maintain a safe distance when in the presence of others.

To all members with underlying health issues, who are immuno-compromised, or who live with those who are, we ask that you take great care when gathering together. We also ask that anyone who is sick or feeling unwell to please remain at home. We are all responsible for each other's health and safety.

We will organize in-person practices when it is safe to do so. However, there are numerous safety factors yet to be determined and planned for. We will need to determine the maximum number of participants allowed at any practice offered, whether at Vajra Hall or Schoolhouse Gonpa. Furthermore, in-person practices are also dependent on the availability of disinfectant and cleaning supplies - which are limited and hard to get, as well as karma yogis willing to assist in regular disinfecting/cleaning tasks.

The Schoolhouse/Gonpa currently remains closed to members, and there will be no camping at Khandroling. The pond kitchen is closed and cabin reservations are currently on hold. Use of the bathhouse is dependent on availability of disinfecting/cleaning supplies, and an organized karma yoga schedule to help clean/disinfect the bathrooms.

Please contact, if you are available to help with cleaning/disinfecting tasks and for ongoing regular upkeep and special projects. These too shall require careful guidelines to ensure the safety of all.

Current decisions will continue to be reassessed on a regular basis, throughout the summer and beyond, as more public health and state recommendations are announced.

We thank you for your patience, understanding and collaboration in all these health and safety matters.

With deep care and appreciation for our whole community and the amazing support you all provide,

Ed, Miranda and Nancy
Tsegyalgar East Gakyil