Date: April 23rd, 2022 (2 days) .

Vajra Dance that Benefits Beings

Dance of the Vajra that Benefits Beings
with authorized 2nd Level Vajra Dance instructor Bodhi

April 23 & 24

Weekend Course

9am-noon,  2pm - 5pm*

In person. Conway, MA.

*new time for afternoon session

Optional Practice Day on Monday:  TBD for those who can stay!

Taught by authorized Level 2 Vajra Dance Instructor Bodhi

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Attending the Course: 

  • Open to anyone with sincere interest in this profound teaching. It is not required to be a member of the Dzogchen Community to attend this course.
  • In-person only. This course will not be available on Zoom.
  • COVID Safety: This will be a mask optional course. The space is large with HEPA/UV air filtration system and option to open windows. 
    • Bring your own lunch or venture to neighboring town for lunch! Shelburne Falls & South Deerfield are 12-15 min away.
  • Comittment: Participants are encouraged to commit to regular practice of this dance. We will plan to hold weekly practice sessions at Tsegyalgar East following this course!
  • Course fee: $150-$200 for entire weekend. Course income supports and sustains Tsegyalgar East. Our courses are based on generosity. If you have the financial possibility to donate more than the suggested amount, we are very appreciative. If you have financial difficulty, it will not be an obstacle to participation and you can offer what you are able. Donate

What is Vajra Dance?

The Dance of the Vajra is a result of the profound meditation of the Dzogchen master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.
The master received the terma “The Vajra Dance Liberating the Six Classes of Beings into the Six Pure Dimensions” from 1989 on.

“Vajra” is a Sanskrit word and means diamond.
In the Dzogchen teaching the Vajra is a symbol of our essential nature, which is pure, clear and immutable like a diamond.
Practicing the Dance of the Vajra one can discover this real nature by being in the state of contemplation; and one can learn to maintain and stabilize this knowledge not only in sitting meditation but also being in movement. In this way it can become part of our daily life.

Since 1991 Chögyal Namkhai Norbu has taught four different Vajra dances.
While all four dances harmonize the three main aspects of our being – body, energy (or voice) and mind – each dance has its own specific characteristics.

The “Dance of the Vajra that Benefits Beings” is a symbolic dance of compassion.
It is more related to our physical level.
It frees the tensions related to our conditioning by different emotions

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Books available from Shang Shung USA Bookstore:  Bookstore will likley be open to browse during course break. 

Restricted books are available for members of Dzogchen Community.

Meet Bodhi, our local Vajra Dance Instructor: 
Second Level Teacher.  Bodhi has been a student of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu since 1989. He has been practicing and teaching in the Americas for over 20 years, since following Chögyal Namkhai Norbu on mandalas around the globe in the 1990’s.