Date: July 15th-24th, 2021.

Summer Sangha Retreat on Khandroling

Summer Sangha Retreat on Khandroling
the Land of the Dakinis

 Summer Sangha Retreat 

Thursday evening July 15 - Saturday July 24, 2021

on Khandroling, The Land of the Dakinis in Buckland, MA. 


Registration Details forthcoming!

We are excited to be celebrating the Anniversary of Vajra Dance on Earth, as part of the larger retreat with an Advanced Dance of the Song of the Vajra Course with Prima Mai, live from Merigar from July 16th-22nd. This course is in-person only and is for experienced dancers.  We are not able to hold a beginner's course this summer. 

Throughout the retreat, we will be practicing SMS, Yantra Yoga, Dance and more together, with options to connect virtually. Planning is in the works and we are grateful for your feedback from the survey to help us better plan. There will likely simultaneous programming on Khandroling utilizing the space available on the Land. We will share a more complete schedule when available. 

The retreat will coincide with the auspicious Anniversary of Padmasambhava World Wide Guru Yoga Day on July 19th and will end with a Full Moon Ganapuja on July 24th! 

We're grappling with all of the logistical considerations with regards to COVID and we're committed to making this event as safe as possible. We plan to adhere to the most updated CDC guidelines. We may limit attendance numbers.

Available local and community accommodations are listed on our accommodations page. To inquire about Tsegyalgar East reservations, please contact our Geko, David Hayes at

Cabins at Khandroling are available to reserve for the retreat and throughout the season and are available to people in the same pod. Camping is available and will require advanced reservation in order to be aware of numbers. It has not been decided if the Schoolhouse dormitory will be available, but you can make a request.