Date: May 12th-17th, 2023.

Dzogchen Teachings with Yeshi Namkhai
webcast from Merigar West

For the full retreat schedule and how to watch online please see note at bottom of this page.*

Gather together at the Tsegyalgar East Gonpa to watch the second daily session 9:00am EDT NYC Time. 

Tsegyalgar East Gonpa Schedule:

Friday, May 12th
9am - 10:30am 

Saturday, May 13th

Sunday, May 14th
11am: Vajra Dance tun

Monday, May 15th

Tuesday, May 16th
11am-3pm: Vajra Dance & Khalong Dorjeikar

Please arrive at 8:30am for Guru Yoga, coffee or a tea

*Complete Schedule and how to watch online:

The retreat will begin on Friday May, 12th with a session at 9am EDT NYC Time, and will end on Wednesday May 17th with a session at 4am EDT NYC Time. From the 13th to the 16th there will be two teaching sessions a day, one at 4am EDT NYC Time and one at 9am EDT NYC Time.**

The webcast will be open and available to follow on the homepage of the Webcast website:
On this page you can follow the teachings in Italian (Yeshi Silvano Namkhai’s language) with a live English translation from the Gönpa of Merigar.

On the same page you will find a link to the translation channels for all available languages: Spanish, Japanese, Ukrainian, German, Russian, Chinese, French.

If you are unable to follow the Teachings live, you can access the recording with this link which will be available for 7 days.

For updates and a detailed program of the teaching sessions:
**Note listed times are from Merigar West CEST (6 hours ahead New York City Time)
Check your time Zone: