Date: August 12th-21st, 2022.

Location: Universal Mandala at Tsegyalgar East's Khandroling, Buckland, MA USA

Dance Dance Dance

International Dzogchen Community Tsegyalgar East invites everyone to

Dance Dance Dance

on the Universal Mandala at

Khandroling, the Land of the Dakinis!

Friday, August 12th - Sunday, August 21, 2022 


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All dances will be led by Vajra Dance instructors Kyu, Carisa, and Bodhi

  2019 Khalong

Schedule Highlights:

  • First Friday: *3pm Mandala cleaning, 5pm Full Moon Ganapuja with Namkha authentication & Vajra Dance
  • 1st weekend: Review of Dance of the Three Vajras (Om A Hum) and Dance of 12 A
  • Monday-Friday: Review of Dance of the Song of the Vajra and related practices
  • 2nd Weekend: Review of Vajra Dance that Benefits Beings and concludes with Dakini Day Mandarava Ganapuja

$250 for the whole retreat, $30 a day or $20 half day

Registration will be at the Vajra Hall whenever you arrive, there is no pre-registration

Need a place to Stay? Click here for information about accommodations at Khandroling, Conway Schoolhouse, and neighboring Natural Light Retreat!

2021 Vajra Dance

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