Date: March 24th-26th, 2023.

General Assembly Meeting and Get-together

Call for Gakyil Nominations and General Assembly
Friday, March 24 thru Sunday, March 26th

Friday, March 24th thru Sunday, March 26, 2023
IDC Tsegyalgar East Gompa
18 Schoolhouse Road, Conway, MA 01341

Please join the Gakyil and your Vajra Brothers and Sisters for our General Assembly (annual community meeting) on Saturday March 25th, 3:15pm- 4:40pm and Sunday March 26th, 11am - 1pm to be held in-person at the Tsegyalgar East Gompa (18 Schoolhouse Road, Conway MA). The General Assembly will be held in combination with practice and social events, per the tentative agenda below.

Some meetings and sessions will be zoomed via the Tsegyalgar East Collective Practice Zoom link.*

General Assembly Agenda and Tentative Schedule of Other Events: 

Friday night March 24th
6:00pm-8:00pm, Join us for a time to socialize and hang-out in person. Pot luck dinner – bring a dish!

Saturday March 25th
10:00am–11:00am:  Vajra Dance Tun
11:00am-12:00pm:  Community Presentation (Lower Khandroling) (may be zoomed)
12:30pm-2:00pm: Catered lunch by TSE – and informal discussion
2:00pm-3:00pm:  Practice Tun (may be zoomed)
3:15pm-4:30pm: General Assembly Part 1 Agenda (will be zoomed)

1. Blue program of activities
a) Past year activities and attendance
b) Survey results and discussion
c) Future plans and discussion

4:45pm-6:00pm: Vajra Dance Tun
Collection of $20 for lunch and Ganapuja on Sunday. 

Sunday  March 26th
10:00am-11:00am: Medium Tun (may be zoomed)
11:00am-1:00pm:  General Assembly Part 2 Agenda (will be zoomed)

2. Red report on activities
a) Past year activities
b) Prioritize future activities and discussion

3. Yellow report on activities
a) Presentation of financial statement of 2022
b) Presentation on proposal for future program of activities and funding
c) Voting on approval of financial statement and future program activities among eligible members

4. Gakyil selection
a) Presentation of nominees
b) Selection of nominees. Voting and approval of new Gakyil members among eligible members

(Note: To vote in the General Assembly one must have a membership in good standing in Tsegyalgar East and affiliated Lings (Kundrolling) for the past three years. Members who are present in-person, or present digitally, or their proxy, are eligible to vote. Please contact if you are requesting a proxy vote.)

1:15pm–2:30pm: Ganapuja (may be zoomed)

Join Zoom via the Tsegyalgar East Collective Practice Zoom link:
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