Tsegyalgar East is looking for a Gekö!

We are looking for someone who is inspired to maintain 
and cultivate our sacred land and facilities.

Ideal start time as soon as possible, latest mid-August, 2021. 

The Gekö, the “custodian of virtue” is entrusted with many important responsibilities at Tsegyalgar East and Khandroling.  Patience and perseverance are priorities, as the role involves collaborating with many people and working with the elements.   

While ideal to have someone who is familiar with the Tsegyalgar East community, land, and structures, it is most important that the Gekö candidate(s) have commitment and dedication to the Dzogchen Community.  Please do not hesitate to inquire more about this position and the requirements. We recognize this is a lofty job description! If you're interest is strong but are not able to commit to all aspects, please reach out to the Gakyil. This can be an opportunity for an individual or a couple in the community. 

Qualified applicants will have a virtual interview with the Gakyil. We are looking for someone to start  in  mid-August, latest being Sept 1, 2021. Please indicate your availability.   If you are interested in transitioning into this position early, as a summer Karma Yoga assistant Gekö please let us know! 

Tsegyalgar East Gekö Job Description 

1. Welcomes all visitors and instructors to the Gar and gives visitor orientations and information about the Dzogchen Community.

2. Supervises, coordinates, and participates in the maintenance of all facilities, equipment, and land. This is comprised of Tsegyalgar East in Conway: Schoolhouse, Gonpa, Dormitory, yard, and driveway;  Khandroling in Buckland: Vajra Hall, Cabins, Bath house, Camping Kitchen, lower Khandroling barn, roads, and 220 acres of land. Khandroling requires land maintenance, clearing the land, mowing in Spring and Summer, assisting with the ongoing forestry project. 

3. Handles reservations for use of dormitory and retreat cabins and coordinates payment for them and transportation arrangements, with collaboration of administrator and Gakyil. 

5. Ensures visitors are equipped for their stay. For Khandroling visitors, this includes preparing cabins and bath house, ensuring there is propane for cooking, wood for woodstoves, and water. For the schoolhouse, this includes preparing the dormitory or rented room. 

6. Ensures that Gar protocols are followed. For example, making sure all overnight visitors are approved, paid, and understand rules of Gar. Gekö is also responsible for maintaining a safe environment, and for instructing guests on how to maintain a safe environment, and avoid potential hazards such as fires, etc.

7. Oversees and participates in the cleaning and maintenance of all structures and properties that belong to the Gar.

8. Collaborates with Gakyil to coordinate Karma Yoga participants during events, courses, and retreats, and participates in the preparation and cleaning of the properties/facilities.

9. Manages property/facility related Karma Yoga activities at the Gar. Collaborates with Red and Blue Gakyil to organize these activities.

10. Takes care of preparing Gonpa for on-site events and practices. Prepares part of the offerings. Cares for participants, and ensures that everyone participates in cleaning the Gonpa after all practices. 

11. Collaborates actively with the Gakyil, secretary, contractors hired by the Gakyil, team leaders, and all the Karma Yogis who collaborate for the successful outcome of all of Tsegyalgar’s activities.

12. Receives contractors and vendors’ supplies, goods and services.

13. Reports at all formal Gakyil meetings.


  • Member of the Dzogchen Community for at least three years
  • Ability to work in the United States with a Green Card
  • English speaking (additional languages are a plus)
  • Basic office skills, including communications with guests and Gakyil, and karma yogis
  • Ability to perform daily manual labor
  • Driver’s license and own vehicle
  • Maintenance and use of tools, farm & landscaping equipment
  • Landscaping and forestry experience are a plus, but not necessary
  • Ability to delegate and supervise tasks. It is not up to the Gekö to maintain everything themselves but identify and remediate issues as they arise.  
  • Commit to 1-3 years of service 


  • Lodging in personal room at the Tsegyalgar East Schoolhouse in Conway, MA*
  • Monthly salary, to be arranged
  • Use of Internet, Kitchen, Laundry, Gonpa and Retreat Land

*If the applicant is already local and has easy and quick access to Gar and Khandroling, while preferable,  it is not required that they reside at the Gar.  

To apply please send a letter of interest with experience and resume to: