2022 Calendar

In addition to ongoing member led collective practices, we are pleased to announce our upcoming classes and retreats for 2022 !

Weekly Practices 

You can drop-in anytime. Read class/practice description to learn more about participation and experience.

Yantra Yoga for those with experience - Mon, Wed and Fri at 8:15 EST with Yantra Yoga instructor Paula Barry 

Mandarava Practice - Monday & Tuesday(with tsalungs) at 4pm EST, led by Paula Barry and Johanna Bennett

Exploring Shiné - Mondays at 6pm EST with SMS instructor Lynn Newdome, open to all.

Practise of the Precious Vase - Wednesdays at 10am EST with  SMS instructor Steven Landsberg, 

Jnanadakini Thugthig Practice  - Thursdays at 10am EST with SMS instructor Steve Landsberg, for those who received lung to participate

Eight Movements in a Chair - Thursdays at 10am EST with Yantra Yoga Instructor Naomi Zeitz

Complete Breathing and Application of the Pranayamas of Yantra Yoga - Thursdays at 5pm EST with Yantra Yoga instructor Paula Barry

Monthly Events

Dzogchen: Discovery Series -  1st Saturdays, 10am-1pm EST with SMS instructor Lynn Newdome. Registration for each course will be available ~ 2 weeks before. 

Practice of Natural Light: Deepening our Clear Light Dream State - 2nd Thursdays at 1pm EST with SMS and Dream Yoga instructor Michael Katz. 


Vajra Dance that Benefits Beings Beginner Course with Vajra Dance Instructor Bodhi. Tentative Date February 19-21st, see event for details.

Zernga Teaching and Explanation: via Zoom (possibility to attend from Gonpa together) 

Saturday, March 12 - Chögyal Namkhai Norbu Retreat Replay from 2008 in Lima
Sunday March 13th - Explanation by SMS Instructor Fabio Risolo 


....and events in the works, with your collaboration:)

Losar, Tibetan New Year: Thursday-Saturday, March 3-5th - TBD, Contact Blue if you'd like to organize an event!

Retreat Replays of Rinpoche teaching at Tsegyalgar East - TBD

Summer Sangha Retreat - placeholder dates July 1-4 or 7th

Summer Dance, Dance, Dance Retreat - placeholder dates July 8-15th