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Opening Talk by Constantino Albini at the International Dzogchen Community Annual General Meeting

2019-04-06 | Constantino Albini

Constantino Albini

Costantino Albini – Santi Maha Sangha Instructor Published in The Mirror Good morning everybody. I am just talking for myself I am not ...

The Continuation of the Dzogchen Teaching

2018-12-11 | Adriano Clemente

Early in December 2018, hundreds of people from the international Sangha of the Dzogchen Community came together at the Global Gar in Tenerife to honor and remember Chögyal Namkhai Norbu on his birthday, December 8. After the two days of the Sangha Retreat, Rinpoche’s translator, Adriano Cl ...

“Let Us Continue the Journey Together”

10/3/2018 | Constantino Albini

Photo I. L. Maidanuc

Senior student Costantino Albini’s testimonial at the ceremony at the Great Stupa in Merigar on October 3, 2018, to say farewell to and honor Master Namkhai Norbu ...