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for First time Members  / Interrupted Membership

As per Rinpoche recommendations we have made available a system which allows, from the beginning, a time for individuals  to settle into their relationship with the Teacher and the Teachings and become really sure of the nature of their commitment before becoming a member of the Dzogchen Community.

The Welcome Card is intended as a “pass” which enables the holder to access the facilities of the Dzogchen Community and to participate in its activities. Subscribing to this “pass” for three consecutive years is also a prerequisite requested for becoming a member of the IDC. Read More

WELCOME CARD / PASS - Select any of our Membership Tier;

  • Ordinary $260
  • Global Sustaining $550
  • Global Meritorious $1,650


  • Duration: 3 consecutive years
  • Benefits are; Usage of our Khandroling Retreat Cabins, access to our Dzamling Gar House Accommodation in Tenerife or stay at the Schoolhouse Dorms.
    A Current Year Dzogchen Community Membership also gives you access to Mirror News Downloads, Free Access to All Rinpoche’s Closed / Restricted Webcasts & Replays of the same.
  • Some Restrictions:
    • Can study SMS but is NOT eligible to take the exam and progress to Level 1 until they have been accepted as a Member of the IDC.
    • A Welcome Card holder may be well qualified and experienced in areas useful for working with the Gakyil, and can offer to work in a supporting role for the Gakyil, but is not eligible to be a member of a Gakyil until they have been accepted as a Member of the IDC. Read More

Interrupted Membership

Continuity of membership is also important, so anyone who has been a member of the Dzogchen Community in the past can either rejoin now (prior to January 2015) as a member or they may need to become a Welcome Card holder if they wish to rejoin later. This can be decided on a case by case basis – for example, it may be necessary to pay the missing years membership in order to remain a member Read More

Some additional points:
A person who is a new Welcome Card Holder from 2014 can apply for membership from Jan 2017. All new Welcome Card holders from Jan 1st 2015 can apply to become members from Jan 2018, and so on. Read More

For any Welcome Card / Pass or Renewing Interrupted Membership questions please email: yellowgakyil@tsegyalgar.org