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The Dzogchen Community is a broad association of people brought together by a common interest in the teaching of Dzogchen Ati; who follow it under the guidance of a master possessing authentic knowledge of the state of Dzogchen; who study and practice, each according to his or her own capacity, the Tantras, the Lungs, and the Upadeshas; and who further the circumstances necessary for these activities.

The Dzogchen Community is sustained by membership and donations. Any person, male or female, who is interested in the Dzogchen teaching and wishes to give birth in him or herself to the understanding of this profound path, and wants to take part in the Community, can become a member. Membership fees are an expression of commitment and a means to share financial responsibility.

There are various levels of membership, each offering subscription to the Community publication The Mirror, access to open and closed webcasts and access to retreat accommodations.

Our activities are another important aspect of the contributions we make as members. The path is like a boat. In a boat someone is coordinating and taking responsibility, and the others in the boat need to collaborate until they arrive. We are traveling in order to have total realization.

One of our main practices is to be aware and know how to work with the circumstances. So it is very important that we communicate with each other and collaborate, never forgetting where we are departing from and where we want to get to.

Community members generally join the Gar or Ling with which they are most closely associated. The Gars are larger centers for the individual continents, the Lings are smaller centers, often based in major cities.

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