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Vajra Dance Teaching • Oct 19th & 20th • Los Angeles

Vajra Dance Teaching • Oct 19th & 20th • Los Angeles


What: Vajra Dance of the Three Vajras

When : Saturday, October 19, 4P - 8P

             Sunday, October 20, 2P - 6P

Who : Carísa O'Kelly a 2nd level Vajra Dance instructor.

Where: Glendale, CA - Karavan Studio

1626 S Central Ave, Glendale, CA 91204

• Please plan on attending both days, especially if this will be your first
time learning the Vajra Dance.

Contact Sanford for more information and preregistration at DzcommunityLA@gmail.com

We welcome all people who are sincerely interested, wish to receive the benefits of the practice, and who shall approach the dance with due awareness and respect.


Suggested Donation: $50 each day or $75 for both days

Payments to PayPal Dzcommunityla@gmail.com welcome.

Come and join the Dance, we look forward to seeing you on the Mandala.


The Dance of the Vajra is a method of movement in contemplation.

The difference between meditation and contemplation methods is that when
we meditate we concentrate and apply the mind. Contemplation means that
the mind does not concentrate on anything, but is observant to the train
of thoughts and conditions arising in relation to our three existences,
without modifying or judging them to be correct or incorrect.

The Dance of the Vajra is introduced by the respected Dzogchen master and
Buddhist scholar, Chogyal Namkhai Norbu who is a unique figure in the
contemporary spiritual world.
Please see more information: http://vajradance.net/

The Vajra Dance is performed on a mandala that represents the
correspondence between
the internal dimension of each individual and the external dimension in
which we live. It is an important method using sound and movement for
and harmonizing
our three existences body, energy, and mind - and is also a very effective
for restoring the natural condition of our energy and harmonizing our
whole being.
As such, it can be approached with due awareness and respect, by all
people who are
sincerely interested and wish to receive it's benefits.

In this weekend's two short sessions we will concentrate on learning or
refreshing, entering further into our practice of the Vajra Dance of the
Three Vajras. This course is suitable for those completely new to the
Dance and those who have already been studying and practicing the Dance.

See : Vajradance.net 

Instructor : Carísa O'Kelly

Carisa met Chogyal Namkhai Norbu in September 1996 and has been studying
and practicing his teachings since.
Soon after her first retreat with Rinpoche she started to study and
practice the Vajra Dance.

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