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Vacation Rental By Owner


VRBO is a great choice for a gar or a ling traveling together. Many of the vacation homes listed are quite large and spacious, as you will see. One person can act as the treasurer and pay the home owner directly, according to directions on the website. The treasurer then shares the cost of the rental with Vajra brothers and sisters. This arrangement can accommodate people who can afford more or less money for lodging. Some may want to pitch a tent in the yard, contribute cooking duties in lieu of rent, or be the one to rent a car and act as chauffeur. Other VRBO properties are not so large, and are suitable for a family or a small group.

To search the VRBO site, on the home page click on Massachusetts, and then on the section of Massachusetts called "Greater Springfield, Franklin County & Mohawk Trail." The towns with current listings appear near the top of the page. Check back frequently, as these change!

Towns around Tsegyalgar/Conway and Khandroling/Buckland include Shelburne Falls, Charlemont, Colrain, Heath, Deerfield, Whately, Williamsburg, Plainfield,and more. Greenfield and Northampton are the bigger towns. You could also check southern Vermont; Brattleboro is not far via Interstate I-91.