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Retreat Cabins at Khandroling

Tsegyalgar East Schoolhouse, and Khandroling retreat cabins and camping are currently unavailable due to Covid 19 pandemic.

**All Accommodations are available ONLY for current IDC Members. Click here to learn about membership.**

**All Accommodations are a 30 day maximum stay. For longer stays please email: gakyil@tsegyalgar.org

High Season Prices: May - October (depending on weather conditions) - Low Season Prices: November - April (depending on weather conditions)

Once space is confirmed 50% is due at the booking and the full payment 100 % the latest, one week prior arrival.

Important information to consider:
At this time none of the retreat cabins have electricity, running water, or bathrooms.  Some of them have lamps in them sometimes, so it is recommended you bring your own flashlight. There is a solar battery installed at the bath house, providing lights on the porch and in the three rooms. The middle room, has a USB port with a battery placed in the middle room with a USB port for charging phones etc., it has a device for iPhones, next to it on the shelve, are different devices for other brands.
The bath house has two bathrooms with running water, flushable toilets and hot showers.  This water is not potable however.  The cabins are equipped with shovels and toilet paper for emergencies.  There are also two five-gallon jugs of potable water in each cabin for drinking and washing.

Make sure to bring and wear insect repellent to protect from mosquitoes and ticks, and take the necessary precautions to check yourselves for ticks.
Download Ticks and Lyme Disease Fact Sheet Here

Rinpoche's Cabin

Rinpoche's Cabin Rinpoches-Cabin2.jpg

This was the first cabin built on Khandroling for Rinpoche’s personal retreats.

Rinpoche's Cabin - $40/per person /per night 

Low season price (November - April) - $35/per person /per night 


  • Main floor has a kitchen, wood burning stove, desk/altar and a spacious, open living room with large windows for sitting practice, small group practices or Yantra Yoga.  The second story is a loft for sleeping quarters.  
  • Single futon, pillow and blankets
  • Wood burning stove
  • Gas cooking stove
  • Basic cooking utensils, dishes, pots and pans
  • Jugs of potable water

Guardian Cabin

Guardian Cabin Guardian-Cabin2.jpg

This cabin was built for the purpose of doing Guardian practices.  Many practitioners rent this cabin for 1-3 nights at the beginning of their personal retreats.  This cabin does not have cooking facilities in it.

Guardian Cabin - $25 per night (1-10 days). Not available for longer stays.

Low season price (November - April)  - $20 per night 


  • Single story retreat cabin:  2 separate rooms, for practicing and for sleeping.
  • Single bed, pillow and blankets
  • Fold out table
  • Practice room has two long couches with pillows, drums and a large altar
  • Jugs of potable water
  • Large fire pit in yard

Mandarava Cabin

Mandarava Cabin Mandarava-Cabin2.jpg

The Mandarava cabin is a one room cabin built for doing Mandarava practice.  The trees around this cabin have been cut in the recent reforestation project, allowing sunlight to enter while also opening the view to some incredible sunrises and sunsets.  The road leading to this cabin is not accessible by car, however the geko can transport practioners and their luggage to this cabin with the ATV.

Mandarava Cabin - $30/per person/per night 

Low season price (November - April) - $25/per person/per night 


  • Double bed, pillows and blankets
  • Gas cooking stove
  • Basic cooking utensils, dishes, pots and pans
  • Kitchen table
  • Wood burning stove
  • Jugs of potable water

Togal Cabin

Togal Cabin Togal-Cabin2.jpg

This cabin is located at the top of the road, a 15-20 minute walk from the bath house. It is a large cabin, with extra inflatable mattresses up to four people could stay here on the first and second floor.  The road leading to this cabin is not accessible by car, however the geko can transport practioners and their luggage to this cabin with the ATV.

Togyal Cabin $30/per person/per night 

Low season price (November - April) - $25/per person / per night 


  • Two story retreat cabin:  first floor has kitchen, wood burning stove, and large living room space.  Second floor has a single bed, table and altar with a large rug for practice space.
  • Single bed, pillows and blankets
  • Basic cooking utensils, dishes, pots and pans
  • Gas cooking stove
  • Kitchen table
  • Jugs of potable water
  • Fire pit in yard

Dark Retreat Cabin

Dark Retreat Cabin Dark-Retreat-Cabin-web.jpg

The dark cabin was the first building project the community took on, the year was 1983. It is located half way between the School House and Khandroling on private land. The reason for this is because Rinpoche said "Yang-ti is a little secret and needs a place were it can be protected."

The cabin has 4 rooms with electric heat, futons and a flush toilet, and is easily accessible.

No cooking, no candles, no incense. Bring a thermos if you require hot water for herbal tea. It is not good to use caffeine while doing Yang-ti practice. 

Dark Retreat Cabin - $30/per night

Low season price (November - April) - $25/per night 
Reservations at least one week pior to usage are necessary.

Current Community membership are mandatory for its use.

For information on the Dark Retreat cabin please call Joe Zurylo at 413-369-6000.