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Tsegyalgar East Events Calendar

Below is our upcoming workshops and events. We will keep you informed as more details are available. In the meantime please mark your calendars. For more information contact: bluegakyil@tsegyalgar.org

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Workshops and Events
6/25Monthly Gakyil Meeting
Tsegyalgar East library and via videoconference
6/27Dakini Day Ganapuja
Tsegyalgar East Gönpa and via Webcast
6/28-6/30Introduction to Papermaking with Madeline Liebling
at Tsegyalgar East
6/29Introduction to Tibetan Medicine with Menpa Phuntsog Wangmo (Ping Cuowangmu)
In-person at Tsegyaglar East and via videoconference
6/30Collective Practice
Tsegyalgar East Schoolhouse and Webcast
7/12-7/14Yantra Yoga Course
With Authorized Yantra Yoga Instructors Nataly Nitsche And Max Leshchenko
7/16Full Moon Ganapuja
Tsegyalgar East Gonpa and via Practicing Together Webcast Channel
7/18Chod Collective Practice
at Tsegyalgar East Gönpa and via videoconference
7/20-7/28The Tsegyalgar East 4th Annual Summer Sangha Retreat
Reserve today, or simply show your support.
7/29-7/31Advanced Yantra Yoga Course
With Authorized Third Level Yantra Yoga Instructor Max Leshchenko
8/1-8/25Tsegyalgar East 2nd Annual Dance, Dance, Dance at Khandroling
Celebrating 30 Years of Vajra Dance. With International Vajra Dance Teacher Prima Mai and IDC Authorized 2nd Level Vajra Dance Instructors
9/14-9/15Lynn Newdome
10/12-10/14Mariano Gil